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Ivan Korda

Ivan Korda comes to Xceleration Media by way of Tampa, Florida. He doesn’t know where his love of cars originated, all he knows is the bug hit him hard. Like many guys his age, he started out in the import scene, but one ride with his uncle in a Z06 immediately hooked him on American muscle. While getting his degree in Marketing attending the University of South Florida, Ivan took a job at a mechanic shop working on anything that had an engine, while at the same time interning at Master Engine Tuner. After graduation, Ivan took a sales position with a global event management company.

In 2014, he made the difficult decision to leave the company as one of the top salesman to follow his fiancée who had gotten a job in Memphis, Tennessee. Luckily he found us. Ivan currently has a 2004 SVT Mustang Cobra that he is building into an all-around performance machine.