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Richard Holdener

If you are looking to find Richard Holdener, look no further than the nearest dyno. Holdener has dedicated the last 25 years in the automotive industry to direct back to back dyno testing. He doesn’t just like dyno testing, he lives for it. Who else is crazy enough to test 30 different sets of cylinder heads on 4 different Ford motors? Then do it all over again with LS and BBC heads? How about comparing every popular form of forced induction at the same boost, air/fuel and timing on Ford, Chevy and Honda motors? Need more proof of his insanity? How about swapping no less than 28 different cams on an LS motor? Both on staff as a technical editor and in a freelance capacity, Holdener has applied this type of passion for performance to all of the major automotive enthusiast magazines including Hot Rod, Car Craft and Super Chevy. In addition to over 2000 technical articles, Holdener has authored 9 different books for Cartech/SA design and HP Books. The extensive dyno testing has paid dividends as Holdener has set numerous land speed records at Bonneville, El Mirage and the Maxton Mile, as well as capturing a USTCC road race championship.